Indian Bikini

This site is for promoting Indian style bikini. Why we needed this site is because majority of Indians think bikini is bad- we even have such ministers. Many Indian men think wearing bikini is inviting sex- nonsense. Also, many people do not know the difference between a lingerie and a bikini.

So, lets change it. We have our current bollywood stars like Sonam, Alia etc. who are proud to wear 2 piece bikini. Still, in society rarely a girl can wear a bikini on a beach or a pool. Also, many Indian girls do not know more about bikini and the beauty of it.

There is a current trend for Indian girls to go for size 0 to don a bikini. The real beauty of a girl lies in her curves and becoming size 0 is a way to loose your beauty- do you want to do it for wearing bikini? You absolutely shouldn’t. Just visit a European or American beach and you will find plenty of middle aged women including those really fat comfortably wearing bikini. There is no sex feeling any where. Bikini is just a dress and it maximizes the beauty of the most beautiful product made by God – a woman body.

Some common Misconceptions

I’m fat I can’t wear bikini

Fat women look better in bikini than size 0. Just choose your bikini matching your body. See here for examples:


Should I shave before wearing bikini?

Why should you?. Unless you are a professional model and you want to please your fans, show yourself as you are. Being hairy is not bad or vulgar. It is just natural.

What if someone takes my photo?

Wish that he used a good DSLR.

What if someone misuse my photo?

What misuse can one make of your photo? If someone makes a fake FB profile with your pic, be happy that he chose your photo.

Am I too old to wear bikini?

As long as you are alive you are not. Hollywood actress Julia Roberts first wore bikini in public after crossing 40.


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