Amy Jackson’s alluring Maxim magazine spread

British babe Amy Jackson is one of the sexiest women in Bollywood. And what more validation is required when coveted international magazine Maxim names her most alluring. The actress has bagged roles in many blockbuster movies with superstars and managed to hold her own.

Amy’s grey eyes are focused in every photo in her glorious Maxim spread. Be it her white monikini or the lavender coloured bikini top, the sporty yet sexy avatar of the actress will have her fans sweating. Amy shows off her spunky side as she poses in a black bikini top with a net top over it. The plain white background ensures all the focus is only on the actress.

Pooja Hedge sizzles in her Maxim photoshoot

Pooja Hedge may not have made a mark with her Bollywood career, but the southern beauty surely knows how to take some sultry photos. In her photoshoot for the esteemed magazine Maxim, Pooja dressed in two bikinis, one black and the other white for the entire spread.

She wore a sheer black shirt over her black criss-crossed bikini looking sexy as ever. Her look is simple, with minimal make-up and loose-almost messy hair, which make her look all the more desirable. The sheer black top is  a perfect coverall for her look. It shows off her svelte  body but helps her innocent look as well.

The second look, a white 2 piece lace bikini with a long lace shirt makes her look taller and leaner. The emerald necklace is a much pop of colour and definitely draws attention to her  cleavage. This look makes her look absolutely stunning and her long legs only increase her sexiness quotient.

Neha Sharma sheds her girl-next-door look

Neha Sharma has been tagged as the ultimate girl next door with her innocent looks and bubbly persona. But don’t let her on screen role choices fool you. Maintaining her cuteness, the actress recently posed for GQ magazine in a series of gorgeous bikinis.

Whether it is her innocent look in her white bikini with a sheer ruffled shirt or her jovial mood as she cleans the pool in a floral printed navy blue bikini top paired with a white skirt and a shirt, Neha has made sure she is seen as both cute and sexy in this magazine spread.

Her look in the blue bikini piece is sultry and her enticing looks has definitely gained her a lot more fans. Gracing the coveted  Magazine in a series of sexy crop tops and bikinis, Neha made sure she is not seen as just a girl next door anymore.