Lara Dutta on a bikini spree in Blue

Former Miss universe Lara Dutta sure knows how  to raise the temperature.

Even though her film Blue was rather a dud, the first song is remembered all thanks to the stunning actress. A total show stopper, Lara showed off her perfect body in a series of 4-5 bikinis in the song.

Whether she was wading on the shores of the beach in a pink bikini or romancing her leading man in the red piece, Lara was the center of attention. She even showcased some great styling tricks while you wear a bikini. The sarong and a necklace with the pink bikini blouse is a great way to accessorize without covering up too much. Or even the beautiful white coverall over her white bikini top.

Lara is rocking her washboard abs and toned physique in this movie, making us all envious of her glamorous looks.While the other pieces were clock coloured, she wore a unique beige and blue beaded bikini which got the temperature soaring.

She definitely inspires us to take a dip into the blue sea as well.

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