Malaika Arora’s never ending holiday streak

Malaika Arora is one of the most stunning mothers in Bollywood. This model turned actress is better known in Bollywood for her dance moves and has managed to maintain her sexy figure till date. After the surprising break up with her husband, Malaika did not get bogged down with the negativity the media threw at her. Instead she turned to the sun and sand and the calm serenity foreign beaches offered her.

Malaika has been on a never-ending holiday spree post her divorce. She was spotted under the Spanish sky in Mallorca and even the beautiful land of Bali. Sporting a printed bikini halter top, Malaika posed some ballet moves in the indoor pool of her Bali resort. While she put up some photos of her girl time fun in Goa with her sister and her select besties she even partied with her ex-husband’s family in the Maldives.

Proof that a couple can still very much be cordial and a part of each others lives after a break up, Malaika was seen on a Khan family retreat in the Maldives. Malaika pranced around in a bright neon orange overall and even did a handstand on the beach revealing a peek of her neon bikini bottoms. To wind up her beach trips she posed in an infinity pool and tagged it as “Middle of nowhere”.

We can’t wait to see more of this yummy mummy of Bollywood!

Lopamundra Raut’s sizzling time in Spain

This year’s Katron ke Khiladi cast is hotter than ever and they are definitely taking advantage of the beautiful destination the fearsome show is hosted in this year. Shot entirely in the gorgeous county of Spain, model and reality TV show personality Lopamundra Raut is making good use of her down time.

Sailing through the Mediterranean in a yatch, Lopa has been showing off her beach body in a red bikini and sheer pink overall. She seems to be enjoying the sun and waves in this exotic location while giving her fans something to go gaga over. The show made the contestants do some grueling task in the sun, and Lopa is flaunting her beautifully tanned skin and toned body. Lopa has been grabbing eyeballs in her floral printed bikini top paired with some denim cut-offs which she posed in on the beaches of Malaga. Flaunting the results of all her hard work, Lopa proudly tagged her beach photo as brown girl as she enjoyed the sun and glistened under the clear skies.

Shinabi Dandekar raising the temperature in Spain

It’s raining hotness in Spain. A fleet of sexy stars are in Spain for shooting a reality show and they made sure to take advantage of the gorgeous European country.

The uber sexy Shibani Dandekar is taking every chance she gets to enjoy the sun and sand along with her BFF Monica Dongre. Her Instagram is already filled with sexy picture of her from photoshoots and backstage. Shibani continues sharing some fun moments backstage with the other contestants. But her photos lying on the beach in a skimpy bikini is what is catching everyone’s attention. Be it her b lack shiny bikini as she poses near the pool or her colourful bikini close up, Shibai is rocking her curves and flaunting her oomph.

Her photo in a black mesh bikini chilling with Monica who is adorned in a white bikini makes you envious of how effortless and beautiful they look together in the beautiful beach setting.

Nia Sharma’s spain shoot

Nia Sharma has totally forgone her on-screen avatar as she showed her true inner diva on social media. Posting stunning and bold photos on Instagram, Nia has managed to break away from the girl-next-door simpleton persona and showed her sexy side to the world.

To take it up a notch, Nia is even participated in a popular reality show called Khatron Ke Khiladi where a group of celebrities face a set of gruesome and fearful tasks. Shot in the scenic background of Spain, Nia has been posting behind the scene photos and videos with her co-contestants.

She shared a photo of herself in a black bikini alongside a pool, “Ironically, the hardest part of a pool is ‘water’ !! #spaintravel #kkk8” and her pink and white bikini top just teases her fans enough. Reliving her memories on the show she posted pictures to update her fans on her journey.