Shinabi Dandekar raising the temperature in Spain

It’s raining hotness in Spain. A fleet of sexy stars are in Spain for shooting a reality show and they made sure to take advantage of the gorgeous European country.

The uber sexy Shibani Dandekar is taking every chance she gets to enjoy the sun and sand along with her BFF Monica Dongre. Her Instagram is already filled with sexy picture of her from photoshoots and backstage. Shibani continues sharing some fun moments backstage with the other contestants. But her photos lying on the beach in a skimpy bikini is what is catching everyone’s attention. Be it her b lack shiny bikini as she poses near the pool or her colourful bikini close up, Shibai is rocking her curves and flaunting her oomph.

Her photo in a black mesh bikini chilling with Monica who is adorned in a white bikini makes you envious of how effortless and beautiful they look together in the beautiful beach setting.

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