The hottest thing in cricket- Archana Vijaya

One of the hottest things in cricket has to be the host of IPL, Archana Vijaya. The sexiest and sometimes only lady in the cricket field, the gorgeous host of this popular series has become a household name. Wearing classy dresses and talking about cricket and the forecast of the match is not all this ___ beauty is upto.

Soon after shooting to fame, some personal photos of Archana have come into limelight and they are surely a stunner. Photos of Vijaya while she is enjoying some down time with friends and family are out and she has shocked her fan with her gorgeous bikini body.

Her bright yellow bikini as she lounges in the pool looks fun and spunky and the black halter bikini top shows off her curves perfectly as she enjoys the wind in her speed boat.

A collection of her holiday photos either on beaches or poolsides has come out together which prove that Vijaya is a water baby and not at all shy of showing off her body.



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